Website Retargeting Done Right

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting keeps your brand top of mind when it matters most.

How important is retargeting?

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less than 2% of website visitors will convert on their first visit
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visitors are over 3 times more likely to return if they see a retargeting ad
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the average return on ad spend (ROAS) from retargeting
0 %
of surveyed say they notice retargeting ads while browsing online
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Get a second chance to convert the 98% of visitors who abandon websites

Benefits of Retargeting

Reach interested prospects

These potential customers showed an initial interest in your offering, now you just need to remind them or nudge them a bit to take the next step.

Increase Brand Awareness

Studies continue to show it takes as much as 7 impressions for prospects to build up enough trust to take action. Retargeting helps ensure your brand is top of mind when prospects are ready to take the next step in their buying journey.

Cost Effective

With retargeting, you are reaching people who have already been to your website at least once, and are that much closer to taking action. Return on ad spend (ROAS) from retargeting continues to be the most cost effective form of digital marketing.

Stay Top of Mind

Prospects will reach out to several suppliers throughout their buying process. Retargeting helps your brand stay top of mind no matter how competitive the marketplace is.

How Retargeting Works

A prospect visits your website but takes no action

Prospect sees your ad content on others sites around the web

Prospect is nurtured with additional content to return and convert

Retargeting across device types and channels

Nowadays its common for prospects to browse and research suppliers across multiple channels, read reviews, watch videos, and more. But even more common is doing that research from multiple devices. Choozify makes sure your ad is seen no matter the channel, or device they use.

Premium Inventory and Ad exchange Partners

You want your ads to be consumed by real people, not bots. Choozify’s connectivity with the largest display inventory networks ensures we can provide the best inventory and reach, without limiting your scale.

Audience Partners

Data Providers

Less than 2% of website visitors will make contact on the first visit, bring them back with retargeting

Powerful Features Included

No cookie cutter approach here!

  • Cross Device – automatically retarget across desktop, tablet, and moble.
  • Frequency Capping – Set a cap to the number of times a visitor sees a retargeting ad per day, week, or even month.
  • Online Dashboard – Track campaign performance with our 24/7 online dashboard.
  • Full service – Our campaign managers will work with your team to build the perfect campaign, and on-going adjustments are included.

Track your success with a live online dashboard.

Updates in real-time, along with daily or weekly PDF reporting options via email

Success Story

CiES Corp increases sales by 50% by leveraging retargeting into their marketing mix

Scott Philliben, the CEO of Oregon based CiES Corp, a leader in the design, development, certification and manufacture of electronic fuel sensor solutions needed a way to maintain marketing momentum through the summer flying season.

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