Our Solutions

We offer a full suite of digital media solutions, but each campaign starts on a blank slate. Our customers deserve a partner who delivers a strategy as unique as their business.

Solutions that Fuel Growth and Drive Meaningful Business Results

Smart Digital Advertising

Combine our powerful audience targeting capabilities to reach your target audience on top-tier websites based on their specific interests & in-market behavior.

Trade Show & Event Targeting

Whether you want to reach attendees at a large trade show, sporting event, or simply geo-targeting a location to reach new audiences – we have the best tools and partners to accomplish your goals.

Website Visitor ID

The average website lets 98% of their visitors slip through the cracks. Our Visitor ID tool helps you identify the companies visiting your website and how to contact them.

Website Engagement & Lead Generation

Launch forms, popups, surveys and landing pages – without coding or the help of a developer. Choozify improves campaign performance by making it easy to create, personalize and launch lead generation & conversion campaigns on your website!

Reporting, Lead Management &
SMART Follow-up

“The money is in the follow up!” Most businesses know this yet don’t have time to do it effectively. The Choozify Customer Portal allows for instant and pre-written follow up sequences via

  • Ringless pre-recorded voice mail drop
  •  Personalized Email Sequences
  • SMS Text Messages

Call Tracking & Dynamic Number Insertion

Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords. Automatically show your tracking phone number to the right audience, and with built-in call recording easily qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service.

What our customers are saying...

“We appreciate the responsiveness and how nice the Choozify team has been to work with. We will be recommending this service for future events our department is involved with”

“Choozify has made our first experience with them amazing. We had complete support and information as soon as there were any questions. It made an impact on our Oshkosh experience as it allowed us to follow and track where all our Website hits came from. I highly recommend Geofence Media for your next marketing experience.”

“Choozify provides unique solutions to help us reach those in proximity to the largest event in our state, the Texas State Fair. They are truly experts in the field and have been a pleasure to work with...”

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