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Geofencing has transformed how businesses reach trade show & event attendees.

How a Geofencing campaign works...

1. We 'geofence' the target location

Our team builds a digital perimeter, or "geofence" around the area of the event.

Custom 'Geofence' of event location.

2. Devices within the 'geofence' are added to a custom audience segment

When devices enter the geofenced area and access certain websites & applications, they are 'tagged' and assigned a device ID.

3. Mobile ads are served as users access apps & websites over the course of the show event.

As this custom audience access websites or applications that offer advertising, we serve your ad in real-time.

Promote your booth, product, or service. Reach attendees on the same apps and websites they use every day.​


Access to Premium Publishers and hundreds of popular applications.


Hundreds of ComScore1000 Website

Social Media

Over 70% of Internet Users

Deep reach via Premium Ad Exchange & Network Partners

Audience Partners

Data Providers

Stand out from the pack with event-relevant ads that convert

Provide your own ads or use our creative services to create eye-catching ads that stand out!

Online dashboard to track & measure your campaign success

Log in to access campaign stats, view analytics, creative performance, download PDF reports and more.

Optional Post Event Retargeting

After the event ends, attendees who engaged with an ad or visited your website can be retargeted with an alternate ad version. Keep your brand top of mind for an additional 2 weeks!

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