Who We Help

Whether you're a startup, an established local business, or a national chain - our solutions make it easy to win online.

We businesses, small and large.

Local Businesses Solutions

Target consumers based on offline behaviors like the retailers they shop, movie theaters they frequent, or the restaurants they visit most often. Using location-based audience segments built off real-world consumer actions, we can help you reach consumers using data such as in-store visits, brand loyalty, visit frequency, offline trends and more.

Business to Business Solutions (B2B)

Combine our powerful audience targeting capabilities to reach your target audience on top-tier websites based on their specific interests & in-market behavior.

What our customers are saying...

“We appreciate the responsiveness and how nice the Choozify team has been to work with. We will be recommending this service for future events our department is involved with”

“Choozify has made our first experience with them amazing. We had complete support and information as soon as there were any questions. It made an impact on our Oshkosh experience as it allowed us to follow and track where all our Website hits came from. I highly recommend Geofence Media for your next marketing experience.”

“Choozify provides unique solutions to help us reach those in proximity to the largest event in our state, the Texas State Fair. They are truly experts in the field and have been a pleasure to work with...”

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