How we helped CiES Corp experience a 50% increase in their aftermarket sales cycle

CiES is the recognized leader in the design, development, certification, and manufacture of electronic sensor solutions for original equipment manufacturers, as well as direct-to-market consumer products. 

For many organizations there is a direct relationship between quality website traffic and new business generation. It’s not all that easy to generate great website traffic and sustain marketing momentum the entire year, but CiES Corp does it well, and uses Choozify audience targeting tools to generate quality traffic and increase their aftermarket sales.

About the company

  • CiES Corp is the largest supplier of Aviation Fuel Quantity Probes and Senders
  • Founded: 2010
  • Location: Bend, OR

How are you using Choozify in your business?

CiES engaged Choozify to handle event marketing for a major aviation show in Lakeland, FL, it was important to us as we were not attending the show, but we needed to continue to bring our brand and message to the aviation community.

In the weekly graph below you can see our efforts prior to Oshkosh with an article in EAA magazine. The slight rise in interest extended into the fall as we had a good exposure at the show and viral or word of mouth marketing carried the day. The fall in interest is the cyclical nature and the effect of the upcoming holidays.  

In the January timeframe you can see why we started talking to Choozify, we had a spike due to an AOPA web article and magazine input, these are typically short lived.

We were searching for a method to sustain some momentum. Knowing that we were going to work with Choozify. We prepared for Lakeland, FL 2018 by first revising our website to create consistent brand image prior to the show.

How are you currently using Choozify?

The weekly picture illustrates not only the impact of our marketing but also the reinforcement their team brought to our effort.

Because of Choozify we were able to maintain marketing momentum through the show and now into the summer flying season.

Choozify  allows us the opportunity to re-market after the show on the single most important new pilot tool, their ipad or phone. We utilized Choozify to be front and center after the pilot’s long flight home from the show with what is most likely questionable fuel indication in their aircraft.

The re-targeting was much more impactful and measurable vs the normal brochure takeaway illustrated in the Oshkosh example above.

What business outcomes have you seen so far?

At CiES we can relate visits to revenue in the aftermarket sales cycle. This is where the monthly graph shows the real impact and one we can see in our order book.

This is a 50% increase in aftermarket sales in the short term. We have now engaged Choozify to handle all our larger shows and reinforce our message in the aviation market. After Oshkosh 2018, I expect visits to our site to top 12,000 on an average month or more importantly a 4-fold increase in business.

As all efforts in marketing, Choozify as a marketing method by itself is not going to just rain sales to your door, but if Choozify is part of a considered and consistent marketing effort and plan., it will be an effective and measurable method of targeting your customer and getting your brand in front of the interested aviation consumer.

Scott Philiben
President, CIES Corp.

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