How Western Michigan University College of Aviation used geofencing to reach new students and drive better results from aviation events.

The Events: Sun 'n Fun and EAA's Airventure

The Challenge

Tens of thousands of aviation enthusiasts from around the world flock to Lakeland Florida every spring and Oshkosh Wisconsin each July. With hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees at each event, it is often one of the best places for flight schools to introduce their programs to prospective student pilots.

With all that opportunity comes competition from the excitement attendees have for seeing rare airplanes, new exhibits, fun entertainment options and more during these events. 

It’s almost impossible for exhibitors to meet and greet with every potential student, and they can easily miss out on opportunities to introduce their program to prospective student pilots.

WMU was looking for a way to make new connections with future students and capitalize even more from their booth investment.

Solution + Combined Results

As consumers, when we see an online ad it is usually related to our browsing history or the content we are reading. With Geofencing, an advertiser can target users based solely on their geographic location.

Geofencing allows advertisers to target specific locations down to the outlines of a building, and create an audience to retarget following the event.

WMU’s College of Aviation received over 500,000 ad impressions/views, 2,700+ website clicks, and most importantly dozens of new student attendees to their booth.

Ad Impressions: 522,712

Clicks: 2,729

Additional Leads: 63

Interested in Geofencing an upcoming Trade Show?