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What if your company had a digital billboard at every general aviation airport?

Pilot Targeting Overview

Target 5,000 + regional, public, and private airports/airfields.

Our location targeting database consists of thousands of airports and airfields across the US, which allow advertisers to reach pilots & aviation enthusiasts with a high degree of accuracy.

Devices are added to a custom audience segment for each advertiser.

As pilot devices enter the target areas, these devices are assigned a unique advertiser ID (AAID/IDFA) for future use.

* Devices that have enabled location sharing with popular applications like The Weather Channel, Flight Aware, Pilot Radar, etc.

Pilot Targeting + Aviation Event Replay

Leverage event attendance at popular airshows.

In addition to airport/airfield targeting, we layer in event replay campaigns to reach attendees at popular events.

Many attendees of popular aviation events are pilots themselves or aviation enthusiasts. By including these event audiences your company can leverage these valuable audience segments month over month.

Lead Generation on Auto-Pilot

We work with each advertiser to build a sales funnel that converts cold prospects into warm leads.

Our team combines display, video, and social ads that are designed to tell your brands story over time.

New leads are sent, tracked and automatically stored in your dashboard.

Deep reach via premium ad exchange & network partners

Audience Partners

Data Providers

Online dashboard to track & measure your campaign success

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