Aviation Marketing that Works

Reach, attract, and connect with your ideal customers.

Most businesses rely on the same type of marketing that delivers clicks, likes, or shares...but not enough new leads and customers. We help companies from startups to national brands reach audiences at scale while generating meaningful business results.

Aviation Industry Targeting + Lead Generation

Drive the right type of new visitors to your site, and bring them back to convert across display, mobile, and social.

A few of our targeting options

Location Targeting

User Targeting

Content Targeting


Find new customers similar to your existing ones.


Retarget with relevant ads, offers, & content to bring them back.

We help you reach new customers while they're looking for either your company, your products and services, or your competitors. Wherever they go online...

Behavioral Targeting

With behavioral targeting, we find your customers based on what actions they’ve taken online. By leveraging actual online behavior, we’ll deliver your specific targeted ads to your prospects virtually anywhere they go online.

Custom Built Audiences

Our customized ad campaigns will find people identified within your target audience who are actively researching the products or services you sell.

Multiple Aviation Website Visits

Location: Wisconsin

Household Income: $250K +

Competitor Conquesting

A study by Forbes reports: “91 percent of people regularly or occasionally research a product or service online with reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” 

With this in mind, if your customers are researching your competitors and the products or services they offer, it’s a good indication they are seriously considering buying. This is an intent signal we will capture in your conquest campaign:

  • Compares to “Competitor A”
  • Similar to “Competitor B”
  • Versus “Competitor A”
  • Reviews of “Competitor B”

Search Retargeting

Keyword-level search retargeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with the reach and brand impact of display. 

Intent data captured while a user is searching is generally the most effective targeting data available. Using search retargeting, advertisers are able to target prospects with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web.

Lookalike Targeting

Lookalike Audience targeting is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re either similar to your best existing customers, or have engaged with your website, content, or social channels. We use this type of campaign to reach larger audiences and scale the effectiveness of a campaign. 

We didn't invent the sauce, but we know how to put it together!

A Quick Example....

This is Mark, a recent graduate who fits the description of a Flight School’s ideal student. He saw their ads prospecting for new students, and got curious about a career in Aviation. He wants to know more, so he researches online with keyword searches, watching videos, and reading reviews.

Mark’s online queries – those individual behaviors build a profile that shows he is likely interested in flight training or a career in Aviation.

Mark searches terms related to "Aviation"

Mark searches terms related to "Aviation"

Explores several sites from across the web

Explores several sites from across the web

Reads online reviews and visits other related sites

Reads online reviews and visits other related sites

Mark is served a targeted display ad...

Mark is served a targeted display ad...

Mark visits our Advertiser's site to learn more...

Mark visits our Advertiser's site to learn more...

Interested in learning more, Mark submits a contact request with questions...

Interested in learning more, Mark submits a contact request with questions...

Deep Reach via an Integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) with access to the industry's leading exchanges

Including over 25,000+ audience segments across over 30 different data providers, giving flexible and intuitive inventory and data targeting options.

Includes Aviation Industry Ad Network Targeting

Reach new customers on the web’s best aviation sites. You'll find highly relevant audiences with advertising across a network of more than 50 of the most popular aviation websites. Your display ads will appear near content relevant to your products and services. With prominent placement on trusted sites, expect better ad performance, increased brand exposure & higher ROI.

Reach in-market audiences for:

Agency Quality Creative Services Included

Our design team will create 100% custom-designed banner ads that generate more clicks, calls & conversions. Included with every ad campaign, or provide your own banner ads.

Every Campaign Includes Retargeting

You attract website visitors, but not all of them will make contact. In fact, on average less than 2% of website visitors convert on their first visit. Retargeting gives you a chance to bring them back.

How it works...

Real Time Reporting

Our advertiser dashboard shows your campaign performance reporting in real-time. Log in and see important site and campaign data, download reports, and more.

Choozify Makes Audience Targeting Easy!